GOP Rep. Says Media Forced Trump to Attack Sessions


Congressman Dave Brat appeared on CNN to defend Jeff Sessions today, though he also tried to argue that its the media’s fault President Trump slammed the Attorney General so much in the past few days.

Brat spoke with Kate Bolduan, who asked him if Senator Lindsey Graham was correct about how the Trump presidency is doomed if Robert Mueller is fired from the Russia special counsel. Bolduan also asked Brat about who is responsible for Trump calling Sessions “beleaguered” and forcing him into his current uncomfortable position.

When Brat argued that the media’s “relentless” Russia coverage created the conditions for Sessions’ recusal, Bolduan shot back that the media had no way to compel Trump to tweet out his attacks or speak negatively about Sessions during interviews.

“Are you kidding me?” Bolduan asked Brat in astonishment. “The media did not force the president to attack Jeff Sessions.”

Brat responded that Trump is frustrated that Sessions’ recusal means he cannot respond to an issue getting major play throughout the political media. As Brat continued, Bolduan eventually decided to ask him flat out if he agreed “the president chose to push the keys on his phone to tweet an attack on his attorney general under his own control?”

This isn’t the first time Brat offered a strange argument in order to defend Trump.

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