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GOP Rep. Tells CNN Anchor: ‘You’re Beautiful But You Need to Be Honest As Well’

A tense debate between Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) and CNN anchor Carol Costello ended on an uncomfortable note Thursday morning when the congressman said something many have already taken to calling “sexist.”

The segment’s debate focused on Rokita and other lawmakers’ decision to accept their paychecks this week while thousands of government employees go without pay due to the furloughs under government shutdown. Costello also confronted the Indianan Republican over his party’s desire to defund Obamacare being a central reason for the two parties’ inability to agree on a budget, thus leading to this week’s shutdown.

Costello lamented that the entire dialogue has been “going in circles” seemingly without end. Rokita fired back that the media “is part of the problem” and has not aided in

“Carol, you’re beautiful but you need to be honest as well,” Rokita added.

“I think we should leave it there,” Costello said after a flustered chuckle.

Earlier in the conversation, Rokita attempted to flatter Costello by telling her he’s sure she’s not a grandmother because
she looks “much too young.”

UPDATE: Rokita’s press office sent the following statement to POLITICO:

“At the end of a spirited and very important debate, I was simply keeping it from unnecessarily ending in an unfriendly or contentious way. I intended no offense to Ms. Costello.”

Watch below, via CNN:

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