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GOP Rep. Walter Jones: That Gyrocopter Pilot Does Have a Point

A Republican member of Congress went on the House floor yesterday and said that the man who landed a gyrocopter near the Capitol and was arrested actually kind of has a point.

Florida mailman Doug Hughes flew the gyrocopter to D.C. to raise awareness about campaign finance issues, and wanted to give letters to everyone in Congress. He claimed that, ahead of time, he had e-mailed President Obama to “persuade the guardians of the Capitol that I am not a threat and that shooting me down will be a bigger headache than letting me deliver these letters to Congress.”

North Carolina Republican Walter Jones spoke Tuesday afternoon and said, “While I don’t condone violating restricted airspace and putting innocent people at risk by flying a gyrocopter on the Capitol lawn, Mr. Hughes does have a point.”

From there, Jones went off on the corrupting influence of money in politics and how it’s gotten worse and worse with every election cycle.

Watch the video below, via C-SPAN:

[h/t The Hill]
[image via screengrab]

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