GOP Rep. Who Voted Against Anti-Hate Resolution: Dems Hypocrites to Condemn Steve King But Not Ilhan Omar

Congressman Ted Yoho (R- FL) was one of several Republicans who voted against that broad anti-hate resolution that overwhelmingly passed Congress this week, and on CNN today made it clear he’s not happy about how it was watered down for a “show vote.”

Fredricka Whitfield asked him why he voted against it and if he’s concerned “about the message that it sends.”

Yoho pointed to past votes on similar issues before saying, “This whole resolution that came up was created by the Democratic party to go after Representative Omar, who said some very toxic things, very anti-Semitic. So the resolution that was out to condemn her did anything but do that.”

“If they start throwing in certain groups,” he continued, “they left out Mormons, they left out Quakers, we can add to that list.”

Yoho argued that if Democrats were really serious about taking action after Ilhan Omar‘s comments, “they would have done the same thing they did to Steve King to Representative Omar.” Not doing so, he added, is “hypocrisy at its worst.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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