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GOP. Sen Claims Syria Would Have Listened if Bush…

A lot of the Republican opposition to military strikes in Syria is based in their more libertarian, anti-war politics, but some of it is due to President Obama‘s mishandling of the situation. Republican senator Jeff Sessions unfavorably compared Obama to his predecessor at a town hall when he said that Syria would have very likely listened to the “red line” threat had it been made by George W. Bush.

Before he made his remarks, Sessions said he wasn’t “trying to be partisan” and didn’t want to “weaken the president,” but found the current president to basically be weak enough already.

“I do believe if President Bush had told Bashar Assad ‘You don’t use those chemical weapons or you’re gonna be sorry, we’re coming after you, and this’ll be a consequence you will not want to bear,’ I don’t believe he would have used it.”

He said that Obama’s inability to lead and the weakness of his red line threat has vindicated the policy of peace through strength.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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