GOP Sen. Criticizes Media Coverage of Alex Acosta: Only Getting Pushed This Much Because He’s in Trump’s Cabinet


Senator James Lankford (R- OK) criticized the media coverage of Labor Sec. Alex Acosta over his involvement in the 2008 Jeffrey Epstein non-prosecution agreement.

Lankford told Wolf Blitzer that Acosta shouldn’t resign, before adding, “What I’m disappointed at is so much of the coverage in the last really 48 hours on every network has been about President Trump and Acosta as labor secretary, and we’ve not really spent a lot of time talking about the girls that were abused in the process and trafficked and about Epstein and what the horrific acts that he really did.”

He said the focus should be on the crimes Epstein’s being charged with.

Blitzer brought up how a judge found that Acosta violated the law by not telling Epstein’s victims about the agreement, asking, “Doesn’t that alone warrant an apology from Alex Acosta?”

Lankford said all the details should come out on that, but again said, “My impression is a lot of the push right now is because he’s a Trump cabinet member and not because of the case. My focus would be let’s focus on him as an attorney, not as a Cabinet member…and find out what mistakes were made and how do we never do this again and make sure there aren’t some other individuals in other places that we had a prosecution that was not fully fulfilled.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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