GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander: Nuclear Option ‘Should Be Called Obamacare II’

The Senate triggered the long-awaited “nuclear option” on Thursday, and as far as know, no actual bombs went off. But plenty of Republicans seem ready to explode, especially considering past thoughts by President Obama about such a move. Senator Lamar Alexander took to the floor after the vote to make a comparison between the Senate majority’s power grab and… Obamacare.

Alexander went off on how this is the “most dangerous restructuring” of Senate rules and procedure in its history, warning that this will have long-standing effects, despite the rules only being changed concerning non-Supreme Court nominees.

“This action today creates a perpetual opportunity for a tyranny of the majority because it permits a majority in this body to do whatever it wants to do any time it wants to do it. This should be called Obamacare II, because it is another example of the raw, partisan, political power for the majority to do whatever it wants to do any time it wants to do it.”

Alexander elaborated that the reason the GOP’s picking a fight with Obama’s court nominees is to stop them from being pawns to “implement the president’s radical regulatory agenda” through the courts.

Watch the video below, via C-SPAN 2:

[h/t TPM]

[photo via screengrab]

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