GOP Sen. Susan Collins: I Won’t Support SCOTUS Nominee Who Would Overturn Roe v. Wade


As President Donald Trump gears up to announce his Supreme Court nominee, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said she will not support any pick who shows opposition to Roe v. Wade.

For Collins, who will be a key vote, it comes down to upholding precedent.

“A nominee’s position on whether or not they respect precedent will tell me a lot about whether or not they would overturn Roe v. Wade,” she told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz during an interview Sunday. “A candidate for this important position who would overturn Roe v. Wade would not be acceptable to me because that would indicate an activist agenda that I don’t want to see a judge have, and that would indicate to me a failure to respect precedent, a fundamental tenant of our judicial system.”

Roe v. Wade, a landmark case for abortion rights, has been a major concern for some following the abrupt retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

However, Collins explained she believes “Roe v. Wade is settled law,” noting that “it has been established as a constitutional right for 45 years and was reaffirmed 26 years ago.”

In order to determine her vote, Collins told Raddatz she’s “going to have an in-depth discussion with the nominee.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC News.

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