GOP Sen. Tim Scott: Trump’s Ability to Lead in Peril If His ‘Moral Authority Remains Compromised’


Last week, following President Donald Trump’s “both sides” remarks on the Charlottesville violence, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) spoke out, stating that Trump’s comments erased the strong statement he made earlier in the week and put his “moral authority” in doubt.

During an appearance on CBS News’ Face the Nation this morning, Scott — the only black Republican in the Senate — reiterated his stance about the president’s moral clarity and authority, pointing out that it will be tough for the president to lead unless he can fix that issue.

“That means that as we look to the future, it’s going to be very difficult for this president to lead if, in fact, that moral authority remains compromised,” Scott noted after host John Dickerson asked him what his previous comments meant.

In response to Dickerson’s question on what the president should have said regarding Charlottesville, Scott suggested Trump should have studied the issue before commenting.

“Well, I think what he said on Monday was fantastic –it would have been even better had he said it on Saturday,” the South Carolina lawmaker said. “What he said on Tuesday was just really challenging. What the president should do before he says something is to sit down and become better acquainted — have a personal connection to the painful history of racism and bigotry of this country.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS News.

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