GOP Senator After Directly Blaming Schumer For Shutdown: ‘This Isn’t About Finger-Pointing’


Democrats are blaming Republicans and President Donald Trump for the government shutdown. The GOP and Trump are saying it is all the Democrats fault. It has been less than 24 hours since the Senate failed to pass a spending bill to keep the federal government running, and in that time, we’ve witnessed tons of politicians playing the blame game.

During an appearance on CNN this afternoon, one Republican lawmaker spent the first part of the interview slamming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and laying the shutdown squarely at his feet. And then seamlessly shifted to proclaiming that he didn’t want to point fingers at anyone.

Asked by anchor Brianna Keilar if we were going to see any movement on ending the shutdown or if it was going to continue since everyone is blaming each other, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) went right after Schumer.

“The American people certainly expect to see some keep of activity take place,” Gardner said. “It’s unfortunate we find ourselves where we are, particularly given that we were having good negotiations and conversations on DACA and immigration, as Senator Schumer had hoped for.”

He continued, “Unfortunately, last night, he decided he would rather not provide the votes to keep the government funded. I believe we still have time, and I hope it’s done sooner rather than later to come up with a solution that Senator Schumer can support, that Senator Mcconnell can support, that the President of the United States can support.”

Keilar noted that there were several Republicans who didn’t vote for the spending resolution on Friday night, leading the Colorado lawmaker to once again take aim at Schumer.

“Well, I think what happened last night is Senator Schumer set up a vote requirement of 60 votes,” Gardner declared. “It could have taken 51 votes to pass the legislation. We had 51 votes last night.”

After Keilar explained that the Republicans couldn’t even keep their caucus united, Gardner responded by stating Schumer set it up as a 60 vote threshold. When the CNN host shot back that Schumer likely didn’t set up Republicans voting against the resolution, Gardner gave us this amazing nugget:

“Senator Schumer could have allowed 51 votes. That’s the fact. He could have allowed 51 votes. Instead, he required 60. And then he denied the votes necessary to get to 60 votes. Look, this isn’t about finger-pointing. What I’m trying to do is make sure the American people aren’t subjected to the shutdown politics we were subjected to last night.”

Ok then.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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