GOP Senator Bob Corker: Any Fiscal Cliff Deal Today Will Be ‘Irrelevant,’ ‘Really Inconsequential’

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) said Monday anything that happens in the final stages of fiscal cliff negotiations is “really inconsequential.” It wasn’t pessimism, though: “It really doesn’t matter. It’s going to happen. We will have a solution.”

According to Corker, any deal reached today isn’t likely to affect the federal deficit or cut spending, so the focus is primarily on taxes and any increase in taxes will only matter to wealthy Americans. He said to the crew at Morning Joe,

“This is a lot of fuss about nothing today, unless you make, you know, somewhere between $350,000 a year and $550,000, today’s discussion is totally irrelevant, because that’s all that’s being discussed.”

Corker hopes that many of the issues being left out of the fiscal cliff negotiations will resurface during the debt ceiling conversation. “I do hope that during this debt ceiling debate, we’ll actually get into the kind of entitlement reforms that our nation needs to solve its problems,” he said.

As far as everything else? “I mean, really, it’s totally irrelevant. It is.”

Watch the full clip below, via MSNBC:

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