GOP Senator Comments on Trump/Comey: ‘I’m Not Sure How This President Makes Lot of Decisions’

While the bulk of criticism and outrage coming President Donald Trump’s way following his firing of FBI Director James Comey has been from Democrats, there have been some Republicans in Washington who have expressed concern with the timing of the move since the FBI is conducting an investigation into potential collusion between Trump associates and Russia.

Add Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) to that list of critical GOPers.

During an appearance on Face the Nation this morning, Sasse was asked why he thought Trump fired Comey. His response indicated that he’s unsure while also concerned with what it is doing to trust in the government.

“I’m not sure how this president makes a lot of decisions,” he told host John Dickerson. “So I honestly don’t know. But I do know we are in the midst of a civilization-warping crisis of public trust.”

Sasse went on to say that Comey was a “fundamentally honorable man” but that it is fair to think that he performed his job in “imperfect ways.” At the same time, that is a different situation than whether or not he should have been fired last week.

“I’m disappointed in the timing of the firing,” the Republican lawmaker noted. “But I want to preserve room that there’s lots of reasonable reasons that people across the political spectrum can argue about the way the FBI leadership conducted its business in the 2016 cycle.”

Prior to Trump admitting he made the decision on his own regardless of recommendations by his Department of Justice, the White House pushed a narrative that Comey was canned partially due to the way he treated Hillary Clinton during last year’s presidential campaign. This talking point, coming from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s letter, was roundly mocked by the media.

Watch the clip above, via CBS News.

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