GOP Senator to Wolf Blitzer: ‘That’s Your Job’ to Call Out Trump’s Lies, Not Mine

Wolf Blitzer grilled Republican Senator James Risch earlier tonight over Jeff Flake‘s comments about GOP “complicity” and whether he is personally doing enough to speak out against President Trump.

Flake today not only called out the President, but Republicans who haven’t done enough to speak out against him.

And so Blitzer asked Risch if he has a duty to speak out against the President. Risch said Trump has a “unique personality” and a “strong character,” while also mentioning that he does have some disagreements with the President.

Blitzer pressed him on whether he should be speaking out when Trump lies.

Risch said, “That’s your job.”

Blitzer brought up the complicity argument from Flake and even brought up Trump’s attacks on the press, asking him if he should be more vocal when Trump “goes after democracy.”

Risch said he doesn’t want to get dragged into this fight, while adding that Trump has the right to hit back at the media.

Blitzer continued to press Risch on whether he’s troubled by the statements coming from the President, as well as the charges leveled by Flake and Bob Corker. You can watch the segment above, via CNN.

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