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GOP Strategist Evan Siegfried Laments de Blasio Leaving 2020 Race: ‘Where Will I Get My Schadenfreude?’

GOP strategist Evan Siegfried lamented, and roasted, the demise of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s presidential campaign, joking “where will I get my schadenfreude?”

Siegfried was appearing on CNN host S.E. Cupp’s program and was asked to comment following Cupp bringing up a vicious New York Post cover mocking de Blasio’s campaign with an obituary.

“I’m one of the people who’s very sad by Bill de Blasio leaving–” Siegfried said.

“Because he was entertaining?” Cupp asked.

“Yes! Where will I get my schadenfreude from?” he continued.

“This is a mayor who is so unlikeable that a groundhog chose to leap to its doom rather than spend time with him,” he continued, prompting laughter from Cupp.

Siegfried was referring to an often-mocked moment in de Blasio’s mayoralty: he dropped a groundhog during a Groundhog Day ceremony at the Staten Island Zoo and the groundhog died a week later. The zoo has claimed the groundhog died of natural causes.

Siegfried then criticized de Blasio on his handling of New York City issues, like an expansion in homelessness across the city.

Watch above, via CNN.

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