GOP Strategist Loses It When Paris Dennard Tells Her To ‘Get Over’ Trump Winning: ‘Get Over What?!’


A CNN panel discussion on President Donald Trump’s Saturday evening campaign rally blew up after one panelist told the other to “get over it” regarding Trump’s election victory.

While the conversation that featured GOP strategist and CNN political commentator Tara Setmayer facing off against Trump supporting CNN commentator Paris Dennard was fairly calm at the start, things began to get a bit heated when host Fredricka Whitfield challenged Dennard over Trump misrepresenting his support among women voters. (Trump claimed he got 52% of women voters in 2016 — he actually only got 41% of all women voters, but 52% of white women.)

After tangling with Whitfield over poll numbers and claiming Trump made a factual statement, Dennard took some shots at Setmayer by stating he’d rather stand with the people than “somebody who is coming on shows and trying to pick and choose” on what the president is saying. (Mind you, Dennard is a TV commentator.) Setmayer responded that he was talking about a minority of the American public, leading Dennard to go off on her for disliking Trump.

“He won — get over it,” he declared. “He won. That’s how we roll.”

“This kind of petulant — ‘Get over it, he won’ — that attitude right there is why so many people feel that what Donald Trump created in this country is bigger than just ‘He won, get over it’ — it doesn’t have anything to do with that,” Setmayer exclaimed in response.

She went on to tell Dennard that he’s condoning Trump acting like a child as president but that he’d flip out of Barack Obama was acting in a similar manner, especially if Obama had “porn star scandal” and was under investigation. Setmayer added that Dennard shouldn’t try to act like tax cuts are worth a president acting like this.

“He’s still the President of the United States,” Dennard reacted. “You win the electoral college vote. It worked for Clinton, it worked for Obama, it worked for Bush and it worked for him. So get over it.”

Setmayer was not happy that Dennard kept telling her to get over it.

“What is this — get over what?!” Setmayer yelled. “I’m just supposed to be okay with the President of the United States being like that.”

The two would continue to talk over each other a bit longer, with Dennard again telling Setmayer to get over Trump winning and Setmayer saying Trump was acting like a “reality show joker.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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