GOP Strategist Mocks Joe Scarborough’s Praise Of Rick Perry: ‘He’s A Doofus!’

A discussion of a recent report on Osama bin Laden’s suspicious ability to hide out in Pakistan somehow turned into a George W Bush v. Rick Perry showdown on Morning Joe Tuesday morning, with former Bush Communications Director Nicole Wallace calling the Texas Governor and would-be 2012 Republican presidential nominee a “doofus.”

Wallace disagreed with host Joe Scarborough’s assessment of the report, wondering if it were designed to appear “frank” in order to forestall further criticism, leading Scarborough to ask if she were “unwittingly” calling him a “doof” for having praised Perry earlier in the show.

“You Bush people will not let anybody say anything nice about Rick Perry!” Scarborough said.

“He’s a doofus!” Wallace said. “Can we not call Rick Perry a doofus on this show?”

“Nooooo!” Scarborough said. “He has been an incredibly successful governor of the Republic of Texas and has done more to bring jobs to that state than anybody in years. How’s that?”

“I think I’m gonna sign you up for Rick Perry 2016,” Wallace said.

Watch the exchange below, via MSNBC:

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