GOP Strategist Mocks Trump’s ‘Subdued’ Speech Amid Cohen-Manafort Storm: ‘He Was Slurring His Words’


Republican strategist Evan Siegfried says the Michael CohenPaul Manafort double bombshell clearly knocked the wind out of President Donald Trump last night, because he was off his game during his speech in West Virginia.

Siegfried was on MSNBC Live on Wednesday to discuss the fallout from Cohen’s guilty plea implicating Trump for his involvement in the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal hush money shenanigans. After tearing into Trump’s legal standing and calling him an “un-indicted co-conspirator” in election fraud, Siegfried switched gears and talked about how Trump seemed “subdued” during his rally speech to promote Patrick Morrisey‘s Senate campaign.

“I have never seen Donald Trump at a rally looking so morose,” Siegfried observed. “He was slurring his words!”

Even though host Stephanie Ruhle suggested that yesterday’s big news won’t make a dent with Trump’s base, Siegfried insisted that the president “seemed to be down” because he’s realizing the gravity of the situation.

“He is not going to be able to deal with this. He’s going to be backed into the corner.”

But Siegfried did note that it will almost certainly be Federal authorities who will be backing Trump into that corner, not New York state officials. The GOP strategist made this point at the outset of the segment in a stinging rebuke to aspiring New York attorney general Leecia Eve — who made an argument for New York state having jurisdiction in the Trump affair. Eve made passionate case, but, according to Siegfried, an incorrect one.

“You can’t get him on federal crimes as the state attorney general,” Siegfried said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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