GOP Strategist: Rubio Veep Pick Would Broaden Base, Help End Party’s ‘Old, White Guys’ Image

Republican strategist and campaign consultant Ed Rollins appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday to talk about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s likely picks to fill the party’s vice presidential slot. Rollins said that the party has a chance to broaden the base with the VP pick and they could take the opportunity to distance themselves from the criticism that the GOP is composed primarily of “old, white guys.”

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Co-host Gretchen Carlson asked Rollins when he thought Romney would announce his vice presidential pick. In recent general election cycles, it has become traditional for the presidential candidates to announce their choices right before or during their party’s nominating conventions. Rollins says, however, that may change this year.

“The conventions are way too late this year,” said Rollins. “I would argue either you do it in the next week or 10 days, or you wait until that August break after the Olympics – but you get it done before the convention.”

Carlson asked how likely he thought it was that one of the much talked about female vice presidential choices would be picked. “I don’t think it’s likely,” said Rollins. “He’s going to do what’s safe. It’s a very, very close election. You don’t want to basically put someone up there that nobody knows anything about and you’ve got to go out and make them a national figure.”

Finally, Rollins said that while Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie make good VP choices, they would be problematic picks for Romney for varying reasons. Rollins heaped praise on Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and said he thought that a Rubio nomination could do a lot for the Republican party’s image.

“Rubio’s an extraordinary candidate I think for the simple reason he does a double for you,” said Rollins. “One is he helps make up the 250,000 gap that [Barack] Obama beat [John] McCain by in Florida – his home state. Equally important, he’s a young, dynamic Hispanic – Cuban-American – who basically could help us with a constituency group we don’t have today.”

Carlson asked Rollins, if he were on the Romney team, who he would pick. Rollins replied that he would choose Rubio.

“Is that a way that get away from, when some people when they critique the Republican party, they say it’s just a bunch of old, white guys,” asked Carlson.

“It is a bunch of old, white guys,” said Rollins. “And, unfortunately, a lot of them are fat like me.” Rollins said that the GOP needs to broaden their base among women, Latinos and African-Americans.

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

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