GOProud Founder: Republican Party is the ‘Last Place in America’ for ‘Forces of Intolerance’

Earlier this week, GOProud founder Jimmy LaSalvia announced that he was leaving the Republican Party because of its “tolerance of bigotry,” but in an interview with liberal radio and television host Thom Hartmann, LaSalvia went a good bit further in denouncing the GOP. On Thursday night’s The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, LaSalvia said that the party is the “last place in America” where the “forces of intolerance” are left.

LaSalvia and GOProud co-founder Chris Barron stepped down from their leadership positions in the gay conservative organization last April, and Barron recently blasted the group as a “sad shell of an organization.”

LaSalvia told Hartmann he thought that “the anti-gay forces, and frankly, the forces of intolerance in the Party would diminish, and honestly, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Republican Party is the only place in America where they’re left.”

He added that “there is a lack of cultural understanding of life in America in 2014, and that that problem is so severe, it’s just beyond repair.”

Hartmann replied that “There’s some pretty good science that demonstrates that men who are most outspokenly homophobic, when they hook them up so they can measure arousal, and show them straight porn and gay porn, are more likely to be aroused by the gay porn than are men who are not homophobic.”

LaSalvia also told Hartmann that, while he now considers himself a “conservative independent,” he’s every bit as conservative as he ever was.

Here’s the clip, from The Big Picture:

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