comScore Andrew Cuomo Reminded of 9/11 After NYC Helicopter Crash

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on NYC Helicopter Crash: ‘You Have a Level of PTSD From 9/11’

New York governor Andrew Cuomo said he had flashbacks to 9/11 on Monday as he spoke to reporters about the helicopter crash that sparked chaos in Midtown Manhattan.

Cuomo arrived at the scene shortly after a helicopter crashed into a high-rise building in New York City, immediately taking a briefing from the emergency services securing the building and evacuating civilians. As he gave the press an initial rundown on the situation, Cuomo was asked, “when you hear an aircraft has hit a building, what went through your mind? What do you presume went through the minds of people in New York?”

“If you’re a New Yorker,” Cuomo answered, “you have a level of PTSD from 9/11 and I remember that morning all too well. So as soon as you hear an aircraft hit a building, I think my mind goes where every New Yorker’s mind goes.”

Cuomo went on to clarify “there’s no indication that that’s the case. The only indication was a helicopter had to do an emergency or a hard landing, or crashed onto the rooftop of the building, causing a fire. But there’s no indication of anything more than that.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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