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Gov. Chris Christie To Sarah Palin “You Have To Have Some Unscripted Moments”

Republican Governor Chris Christie appeared on Face the Nation and Bob Schieffer asked him about potential Republican candidates for the upcoming presidential election. In addition to mentioning that he really likes Governor Mitch Daniels, Christie continued an odd pattern of not backing down from an invitation to knock Sarah Palin in the form of giving her some advice.

Christie’s advice generally for any successful candidate:

“You have to have unscripted moments. You cannot be blow-dried and poll-tested – that’s not what the American people want. They want somebody who is going to speak straight to them, and they want to ask you questions and they want unguarded moments.”

When Schieffer asks Christie if he’s specifically talking about Palin, who Schieffer describes as someone who “seems to talk to people mostly on her website and . . . doesn’t do many interviews,” Christie did say he meant it to apply generally before giving Palin some more specific tips and declining to answer whether she would be ready to run for President. Is Christie genuinely giving Palin helpful advice or is Palin’s star fading to the point where other Republicans now feel comfortable challenging her? Either way, when Palin does return to the media spotlight more frequently it will be interesting to see if she has an “unscripted” response to Christie’s words of wisdom.

Watch the clip from CBS below:

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