Gov. Cuomo Dials Back Trump Criticism After Destroying Him on Three Networks: ‘I Put My Hand Out in Total Cooperation’


Gov. Andrew Cuomo assured reporters at his daily coronavirus press briefing that he will no longer engage in fights with President Donald Trump, only hours after destroying him on three networks.

Trump claimed Monday that he has “total authority” over states regarding when to re-open the country, which prompted Cuomo to make a series of appearances refuting the president, even calling his actions “schizophrenic” on CNN’s New Day. 

Later on Tuesday, Cuomo took the high road, promising viewers, “If he wants a fight, he’s not going to get it from me. Period.”

Cuomo referenced Trump’s tweets aimed at Democratic governors, including one where he compared them to the mutineers in Mutiny on the Bounty, and concluded that the president was simply looking to pick a fight.

Cuomo reminisced about the lessons he learned while attending catholic grade school in New York City, and reflected on a poster that read, “suppose they gave a war and nobody came,” referencing the Carl Sandberg epic The People, Yes. The governor remembered not understanding the poster at first, asking a priest how one could have a war if nobody came, to which the priest replied, “That’s the point.”

“What would happen if people just refused to engage, they just refused to fight?” Cuomo said. “The president will have no fight with me. I will not engage in it.”

Cuomo then asked New Yorkers to “think about we” and consider the challenges and the tough battle ahead, presumably implying that they will continue to need federal aid.

“This is no time for politics. And it’s no time to fight. I put my hand out in total partnership and cooperation with the president,” Cuomo said, stressing that the families impacted by the pandemic are more important than politics.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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