Gov. Cuomo Pivots from NYPD Axe Attack Question with Jokes About Little Brother

This morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) appeared on CNN’s New Day to relieve New York City’s newly-stoked Ebola fears, assuring the neurotic hordes that no, you can’t get Ebola from a subway car or a bowling ball.

But when Alisyn Camerota asked him about a completely new story — whether an ax-wielding man who attacked four NYPD officers had any ties to terrorism — Cuomo made a heck of a dodge.

“We’ve heard the same rumors, that have been spreading, but we don’t have any definitive information when we do, we’ll disseminate it,” Cuomo said, followed immediately by: “As a matter of full disclosure, any help you need with your co-host, I am in a position to be helpful. I want you to know.”

And then the camera panned out to show her grimacing co-host, Chris Cuomo, the Governor’s younger brother and the host of New Day.

According to Cuomo, he has “some very secret strategies that have worked very well. Knowing the right information about [Chris], keeps him very docile.”

According to Cuomo, he does not have any secret strategies to answer a legitimate question about what happened last night in re: the axe attack. But look at the familiarity! Awwwww.

Watch below via CNN:

[Image via screenshot]

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