Gov. Cuomo Whines About Getting a Raw Deal in Farewell Address: When Government ‘Politicizes Allegations,’ You ‘Undermine the Justice System’


Outgoing New York governor Andrew Cuomo led his farewell address by ripping on the sexual harassment accusations that led him to his resignation.

Cuomo cut right to the chase at the top of his speech as he said “there will be another time to talk about the truth and ethics of the recent situation involving me.”

Let me say now that when government politicizes allegations and the headlines condemn without fact, you undermine the justice system, and that does not serve women, and it does not serve men or society. Of course, everyone has a right to come forward, and we applaud their bravery and encourage them doing so. but allegations must still be scrutinized and verified, whether made by a woman or a man. that is our basic justice system.

Cuomo went on by saying it was “unjust and unfair” that his removal was brought about by the political pressure and media frenzy shrouding his alleged actions. He then took aim at New York State Attorney General Letitia James before admitting that staying in office would’ve been detrimental to the state of New York

“The attorney general’s report was designed to be a political firecracker on an explosive topic and it worked,” Cuomo said. “There was a political and media stampede, but the truth will out in time. Of that, I am confident.”

Cuomo’s comments come after James released her report in early August detailing 11 specific allegations of harassment and sexual assault leveled against him. Cuomo announced his resignation amid the explosive political fallout, but he largely denied the accusations, defended his performance in office, and has angrily railed at the focus on his alleged conduct.

Watch above, via ABC7.

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