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Gov. Haley: Understand Trump’s ‘Frustration,’ But He Needs to Watch His Tone

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R), flung into national prominence by the debate over her state’s flying of the Confederate flag, threaded the Donald Trump needle on Meet the Press Sunday morning, telling host Chuck Todd she understood Trump’s frustration over illegal immigration, but that his rhetoric was nonetheless counterproductive.

“The frustration that he has about illegal immigration a lot of people have,” Haley said. “The difference is we need to be very conscious of our tone. We need to be very conscious of how we communicate. There are a lot of legal immigrants that have made this country the place it is today.

“So it’s okay to be frustrated,” she continued. “It’s not okay to have a harsh tone in the way that you communicate that. Because it hurts people, and it’s just not necessary.”

Almost every GOP candidate has criticized Trump’s rhetoric, though some have praised his position on the issue of illegal immigration. Trump’s harsh rhetoric has cost him numerous business deals, and potentially jeopardizes the GOP’s Hispanic outreach efforts, crucial to winning national elections.

Watch below, via NBC News:

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