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Gov. Jan Brewer Slams Obama Admin For Abandoning AZ: They’ve Said ‘Drop Dead And Go Away’

Following the Supreme Court decision about Arizona’s immigration law, Greta Van Susteren spoke with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who wasn’t sky in holding back her feelings about the decision. Brewer — who you may recall had a brief, finger-wagging encounter with President Obama — criticized the current administration for abandoning Arizona, and not letting her protect her state’s citizens.

“This is politics at its best,” Brewer said of the decision, expressing the rescinding of 287(g) privileges, which would allow law enforcement to use a database system to verify citizenship status. From the beginning, she said, the Obama administration has “downplayed the border situation Arizona” faces daily. And they sued the state “for trying to protect the citizens.”

Brewer went on to criticize the “backdoor amnesty” that was Obama’s recent change in immigration policy. “Why aren’t they abiding by the rule of law?” she asked. According to Brewer, the administration has a message for Arizona: “What they’ve said to Arizona is, drop dead Arizona. Drop dead and go away, and we’re going to ignore you.”

“Is this not America?” she asked. “Do I not as governor have the right to protect the people of Arizona? It just is incomprehensible to think that this is all taken place today. It ticks me off. I think that it should tick the people of America off.”

Asked about whether she plans to appeal the 287(g) decision, Brewer said she’s not sure she can. “It is actually the federal government. It is their program,” she said. “And it’s almost become apparent that they can do whatever they darn well want.”

Finally, Van Susteren asked what Brewer’s message is to Obama. She replied:

I would probably say to him, Mr. President, Arizona is part of the United States of America. And you cannot ignore us because Arizona represents probably the most, the majority of the people of America. We want the rule of law enforced and it is your job to do it.

Take a look, via Fox News:

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