Gov. Rick Perry Wanders By The Glenn Beck Show Set To Help Glenn Draw On His Chalkboard

Glenn Beck has a similar opinion to Rush Limbaugh on the GOP debate last night. He didn’t think much of John King (whom Mediaite interviewed here) but thought all the candidates did pretty well. He did notice, however, that only Ron Paul wore a power tie. Fortunately, there’s one candidate who also wear power ties; Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Too bad he wasn’t there last night…oh, wait! There he is randomly wandering onto the Glenn Beck set! To color in ties on the chalkboard! Weird!

During the first half of the show, Beck returned from commercial and suddenly there was Perry helping the host to sketch a doodle of him next to the other candidates while “offhandedly” discussing his job creation record. The moment was a little odd, even moreso for viewers that didn’t know that Perry had just been on air with Neil Cavuto in the previous hour.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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