Gov. Scott Walker Critiques Romney Campaign: You Can’t Just Make It A Referendum On Pres. Obama

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker stopped by Morning Joe on Wednesday, where he spoke about his recent recall election and gave a candid assessment of where he feels the Romney campaign could be doing better.

Walker was asked whether he felt “frustrated” that Mitt Romney has yet to “stick his neck out,” and expressed hope that Romney would do just that during the upcoming Republican Convention. He specifically pointed to Romney’s experience as Massachusetts governor and working in the Olympics as moments where he really took control.

Where the campaign falls short, he added, is thinking that all they have to do is offer a referendum on Obama’s time in office, but “people don’t just vote somebody out,” said Walker. “They want to vote somebody in.”

Later on in the segment, Walker was asked whether he’ll hear from the Romney campaign after offering public criticism, he pointed out that “I’m not attacking him. I think he has the capacity to do it; I wish would do it more.” He added that he’s seen Romney relate to people and to small businesses well when he’s campaigning on the road, and so suggested maybe getting him “on a bus around swing states.” Get rid of the podium, he added, and “get right in the crowd and defy all the stereotypes built about him in the media.”

Have a look at Walker’s comment, courtesy of MSNBC:

And here he is giving Romney a bit of advice:

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