Governor Northam’s Bonkers Press Conference Blows Up Twitter: ‘This is Better Than the Super Bowl’


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam held a press conference on Saturday to declare that he did not think he was in the racist photo unearthed from his old yearbook, and that he was not planning to resign. He added that he wore blackface once to dress up like Michael Jackson at a dance party in San Antonio.

The surreal press conference was packed with twists: Northam provided a wild non-explanation for how the photo ended up on his page. He confessed to “darkening” his face for the Texas dance contest. He gave a half-assed explanation of why his yearbook nickname was “Coonman.” Later, when asked about the dance contest, he said he won because he learned how to moonwalk. He then made a joke about how hard it is to remove shoe polish from his face — but denied that qualified as blackface.

The presser — which you can watch here — naturally sent Twitter into a tailspin. Check out the running commentary of his train wreck here:

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