Gov. Perry Was Totally Not Drunk In New Hampshire, But Is Totally Drunk On SNL

Governor Rick Perry stopped by Weekend Update to comment on a recent video of a speech he gave in New Hampshire, which went viral after he appeared to be intoxicated and confused. Seth Meyers questioned  the governor about his drinking, but all he was willing to comment was “drinks are for dinks” as he drank deeply from a flask. Perry proceeded to tell a long, involved, very drunk story about Herman Cain, a pizza topped with Ambien and beer, and “Lake Winnipisszaki”…pronounced phonetically, I assume. He also swears that when Herman Cain gave him the Ambien-laced pizza he leaned in and whispered “I touched all those women’s boobies,” so I guess that mystery is solved!

Perry also took the opportunity to outline his tax reform plan using a Spanish-speaking Hawaiian girl doll to illustrate his policy reforms. “Governor, it looks like you’re just flat out losing it,” Meyers said. Perry responded “The election? I know.”

You can see the clip here via NBC.

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