Gowdy: Unless They’re on the Committee, GOP Colleagues Should ‘Shut Up’ About Benghazi


Rep. Trey Gowdy got tough and defensive on Face the Nation as he took questions about the Republican figures in Congress who have decried the Benghazi Committee as a political hit-job on Hillary Clinton.

In the weeks that followed Kevin McCarthy‘s fateful link between the probe and Clinton’s poll numbers, former investigator Bradley Podliska and Richard Hanna have both stated that the probe had a partisan aspect to its investigation.

In the face of this apparent mutiny and continued skepticism from the left, Gowdy told John Dickerson that unless they are actually part of the committee, people should really just keep their mouths shut about what they think they know.

“I have told Republican colleagues and friends ‘shut up talking about things that you don’t know anything about,'” Gowdy said. “Unless you’re on the committee, you have no idea what we have done, why we have done it and what new facts we have found.”

Gowdy went on to say that Podliska and Hanna haven’t asked about the committee’s proceedings since June, and are, therefore, in no position to comment on the facts it has discovered. When asked about what sort of facts he found, Gowdy said his committee was the first to address Christopher Steven‘s emailed security request, and that Clinton is hardly his only witness he has interest in.

Gowdy said the emails describe “the total disconnect between what was happening in Libya,” and the State Department.

“He didn’t need help with PR, he was asking for more security and on one occasion he even joked in an email, ‘Maybe we should ask another government to pay for our security upgrades because our government isn’t willing to do it,'” Gowdy said.

You can watch the interview in the video above, via CBS.

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