Lindsey Graham Hits John Kelly For Scuttling DACA Deal: He Doesn’t Know How to Close a Deal


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke with CNN today, and he offered considerable insight about his most recent discussions about immigration reform with President Donald Trump.

Dana Bash began the interview by asking Graham about the ongoing controversy over what was said in the meeting last week where Trump reportedly spoke of “sh*thole countries.” The senator said the meeting “didn’t go well,” and he also remarked that Trump receives poor immigration policy council from several of the people around him.

Bash asked Graham whether advisor Stephen Miller or Chief of Staff John Kelly were among those pushing Trump towards an “irrational” approach to migration. Graham wouldn’t comment on the former, but on Kelly, the senator said the chief of staff doesn’t understand the gridlock preventing Democrats, Republicans and the White House from reaching any kind of comprehensive immigration deal.

“I don’t think he’s irrational, I think he’s never closed a deal before,” Graham said. “It took us weeks to get a border proposal. He accused a lot of us of fiddling around. I’ve been working on this for ten years.”

Kelly reportedly invoked Trump’s anger after giving an interview last night where he said that the president was not “fully informed” about immigration during the 2016 election, and was now moving towards an “evolved” perspective.

Graham refused to answer questions about what happened during his meeting with Trump, and then Bash asked him whether he believes the president was a racist. Graham insisted that he thinks Trump is not prejudiced against anyone except people who don’t respect him. This prompted Bash to ask him about Trump’s inconsistent temperament and the multiple indicators that the president enjoyed the controversy generated by the “sh*thole” comments.

Graham’s response:

“I didn’t like what was said. I spoke up. But here is what I believe about Trump. If the Pope is critical, he goes after the Pope. If Putin is nice, he’ll say nice things about Putin. I really don’t believe the color of one’s skin matters with President Trump. What you say about him matters more than anything else.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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