Green Book Winning Best Picture at Golden Globes Infuriates Twitter: ‘Oh No’


Green Book, starring Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen, cleaned up at the Golden Globes last night, winning Best Screenplay, Best Motion Picture and Best Supporting Actor.

The film — a heartwarming tale about famed black concert pianist Don Shirley (Ali) traveling through the South on tour with his white bodyguard Tony “Lip” Vallelonga (Mortenson) — was not released without controversy. It was based on the stories that Tony Lip told his son, and Shirley’s family has blasted the movie as inaccurate.

One family member described it as a “a symphony of lies.” Those criticisms prompted Ali to apologize personally to the family, and made for complicated wins for the film at the Golden Globes. Twitter was unsparing, and had a veritable meltdown when Green Book won the award for Best Picture.

The acceptance speech was rocky too, with the music starting to play just as director Peter Farrelly began to wax poetic about the Shirley-Vallelonga story.

“Please no, turn that off,” Farelly said. “No. Go away.” After a few awkward moments, the orchestra obliged.

It should be noted that the film did have some supporters on the timeline, notably anti-PC crusader Brett Easton Ellis and White House reporter April Ryan. But they’re protests were drowned out by a deafening cry of disdain:

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