Greenwald: GOP Offended by Trump Because He’s Being ‘Honest’ About Their Policies


Glenn Greenwald today said that while Donald Trump clearly says pretty horrible things, the idea that Republican elites are so offended by him is “hypocritical… to be generous.”

On Democracy Now! today, Greenwald told Amy Goodman that “in many respects,” Ted Cruz is “more dangerous” than Trump because he has a genuine “extremist religious agenda” who wants Muslim communities patrolled.

As for shock amongst media and Republican elites about Trump’s torture rhetoric, Greenwald was pretty amused, saying he “almost deserves credit for what he’s saying, in the sense that he’s being more honest.”

He even offered this interesting take on Trump’s appeal:

“It is true that he doesn’t use the language of political diplomacy. He doesn’t really use euphemisms. He speaks like ordinary people speak when talking about politics at their dining room table, which is one of the reasons for his appeal. And in that sense, he actually provides an important value, which is he’s stripping away the pretense of what the American political system and American political culture have become and describing it in a much more honest way. And that’s the reason that so many Republican elites and other media figures, who have no problem with Republican politicians or even Democratic politicians who advocate similar policies, why they’re so offended by Donald Trump, because he sort of renders the entire system nakedly candid about what it actually is.”

Watch above (the relevant part starts at 7:38), via Democracy Now!

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