Greenwald Praises Megyn’s ‘Tough’ Cheney Questions; Wonders if MSNBC Would Do Same to Dems

Glenn Greenwald has a question: If even Fox News can give an occasional tough grilling to someone like former Vice President Dick Cheney, can MSNBC do the same to prominent Democrats currently in office?

After seeing Megyn Kelly‘s tough line of questioning for Cheney on Wednesday night, Greenwald tweeted out the question:

This isn’t the first time Greenwald has slammed MSNBC as a safe haven for Democratic politicians. More than a year ago, he said about one the network’s particularly well-known shows: “One would find more vibrant political debate in the average conference room of the DNC.”

And even more recently, Greenwald told an MSNBC host — while on-air with her — that the network actively defends President Obama.

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