Greenwald to Bolling: Gov’t Labels People Like Snowden ‘Traitors,’ History Calls Them ‘Patriots’

Journalist Glenn Greenwald joined Eric Bolling on Hannity Friday night to talk about the continuing debate over the NSA and Edward Snowden, especially the question of whether Snowden is a patriot or a traitor. Bolling and Greenwald took note of how this debate does not fall neatly along political lines, and Greenwald said “the breakdown is do you have primary allegiance to the government… or is your allegiance to the Constitution?”

He told Bolling that since the the time of the Founders, the government has always branded people like Snowden, trying to get information to the people, as traitors, but ultimately “history views them as patriots.”

Bolling brought up a class-action lawsuit against the NSA and Obama administration being pushed by Senator Rand Paul, and asked if Snowden would ever consider coming back to the United States, especially given what could happen to him if he did.

Greenwald argued that there would be absolutely no way Snowden would be free to speak if he returned to the U.S., so it would be anything but a “fair fight.” Greenwald also said people should expect more NSA reporting in the future, as early as this month.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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