Greg Gutfeld Accuses Hollywood of ‘Interference’ and ‘Obstruction’ in Georgia Special Election


Greg Gutfeld weighed in on the special election that was occurring in Georgia, which he pointed out was supposed to be a “referendum” on President Trump.

The Five co-host called all the money Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff raised “impressive,” until he realized that 7,000 donations came from Californians and only 800 from his own district.

“And that tells you who’s behind him,” Gutfeld assessed. “People who don’t even live there, just like Ossoff.”

He listed the celebrities that were actively campaigning for Ossoff including Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler, and George Takei, all who were “all over this election.”

Gutfeld then tied this election to the outrage with Russia’s involvement in the presidential election.

“The media obsesses with [Vladimir] Putin‘s failed meddling in our elections, how is this not similar?” Gutfeld asked. “Here you have one state meddling in another. How is California not Russia and Georgia not America? The only difference are the celebrities who are way more obnoxious than Putin.”

He said that “aristocratic outsiders” were trying to instruct “the rubes” on how to vote.

“Talk about interference, obstruction,” he added.

Gutfeld concluded the reason why these celebrities were so involved in the Georgia special election was that the Trump election was “humiliating” and “painful” for them and this election offered them some “psychotherapy” with the district being a “giant valium to sooth their bruised egos.”

After his monologue, Jesse Watters chimed in.

“Democrats say they want money out of politics, but they’re literally buying a congressional district!”

Watch the clip, via Fox News.


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