Greg Gutfeld Calls Ron Paul The ‘Original Tea Party Candidate’, Eric Bolling Cringes

On Monday’s The Five, Greg Gutfeld responded to a Democratic National Committee ad calling Newt Gingrich the “original Tea Partier.” “The original tea partier, as you know is [Rep.] Ron Paul,” Gutfeld observed, “not Newt Gingrich. ” “Can you stop right there?!” Eric Bolling exclaimed.

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“He’s gonna go apoplectic!” Kimberly Guilfoyle joked.

“He’s been yelling about small government for 40 years!” Gutfeld added.

“The whole tea party is going crazy right now because you said that.” Bolling snapped.

“Newt is enjoying the Charlie Sheen effect — meaning, by virtue of being seen as an unlikable crack pot, he has become an outsider, just like the tea party,” Gutfeld continued. “So he is benefitting from always being — even though he is an insider, he is seen as outsider — also like Charlie Sheen becoming the iconic figure of the last year. Probably becoming our next president in 2016.”

“You’re freaking me out,” Guilfoyle chuckled.

Watch Gutfeld call Ron Paul the “original tea partier” below via Fox News:

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