Greg Gutfeld Mocks Comey: ‘He Was Like That Guy Who Was Dumped’

The co-hosts of The Five shared their thoughts on former FBI Director James Comey‘s hearing that occurred earlier in the day and all of them seemed to have been on the same page. Well, almost all of them…

“I saw such a different hearing than you guys,” Greg Gutfeld said. “I saw an emotional salvo.”

He sarcastically elaborated, “He was the good cop who had been done wrong. It was like an Aaron Sorkin drama.”

Richard Fowler (who was filling in for Juan Williams)  jumped in, “But what happened to the good cop?”

“It was emotional,” Gutfeld responded. “He felt pain, he felt hurt, he was a wounded man… He was like that guy who was dumped.”

“But he got fired!” Fowler reacted.

“He can get fired! The president can fire him!” Gutfeld shouted.

In defense of Comey, Fowler added, “The reason why the FBI is created the way it is, when they have a 10-year term, it’s because they’re supposed to be outside of the political forum.”

“And he wasn’t” Gutfeld shot back.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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