Greg Gutfeld On Obama’s NASCAR Invite: ‘Like Inviting The Cast Of Glee To Michele Bachmann’s House’

Like many Americans who were somewhat confused, the cast of the The Five took a minute to reflect upon the bizarre case of nearly half a NASCAR team declining an invitation to be honored at the White House, citing “scheduling conflicts.” While positing some reasons for the potential conflict– from lack of moon pies to, perhaps, legitimate scheduling conflicts– co-host Greg Gutfeld gave a perfectly succinct analogy to summarize the political situation: “it’s like inviting the cast of Glee to Michele Bachmann‘s house.”

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle introduced the topic, noting that the decline of the invitation was “kind of unbeievable,” as nearly half the contenders invited are no-shows. By way of historical context, co-host Bob Beckel noted that NASCAR began with “moonshiners driving downhill,” and suggested that the White House just didn’t have a handle on the key demographic.

According to Beckel, the White House made a “fundamental mistake” by “advertising there wouldn’t be moon pies and RC Cola.” Gutfeld was the only one on the panel to hint at the political reason for the decline, though mildly and quite cleverly noting that “half the people aren’t going to want to go” in both the Bachmann hypothetical and the real NASCAR example. But the best part of this example may have been Beckel’s response, who piped up after a poignant pause: “What’s Glee?”

The segment via Fox News below:

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