Greg Gutfeld Praises Trump For Kim Meeting, Admits He Would Attack Democrat For Doing The Same Thing

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld let his guard down on The Five Monday, confessing that if a president they opposed had met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un like President Donald Trump did over the weekend, they would attack them.

After reliable Trump booster Jesse Watters hailed the president for his meeting with Kim — calling it “a very powerful and important moment” — Gutfeld, only a slightly less reliable Trump booster, commented on criticism of the meeting by 2020 Democrats.

“Of course they are going to attack him,” Gutfeld said. “That’s what you would do. And let’s be honest. If it were an adversary from your party, on the other side doing it, we would do the same thing.”

“How dare Obama meet with a dictator with no preconditions!” Watters joked.

“Exactly,” Gutfeld said.

“In ’07,” The Five host Dana Perino said.

The hosts of The Five are of course referring to the catatonic meltdown on the airwaves of their network during the 2008 presidential campaign when Barack Obama said he would meet with dictators:

“We couldn’t trust Obama though,” Gutfeld said, when Juan Williams brought up that criticism of the former president.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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