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Greg Gutfeld Revolts Against Segment On Obama Releasing Blind Sheikh, Calls Story ‘Utter Garbage’

When The Five co-host Eric Bolling introduced a segment suggesting that there “may be” negotiations within the U.S. State Department to give up the currently-imprisoned Omar Abdel Rahman, a.k.a. the “Blind Sheik,” the rest of the panel was clearly not having it. Three-fifths of The Five revolted against discussing such a “garbage” report with unnamed sources.

Bumping in with footage of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, Bolling said that Fox News has obtained intelligence documents that suggest last week’s violent protests in Egypt and Libya were an effort to protest the imprisonment of the bombing’s mastermind, the Blind Sheik. Quoting a letter from several House GOP members, Bolling said:

“Now senior Republican lawmakers are worried that even discussing the release of the Blind Sheik would be seen as, quote, ‘Sign of weakness and lack of resolve by the United States and the president.’ Kimberly, I was in the building when the thing blew up on top of it. I felt the building shake. That man — the Blind Sheik, the mastermind behind that — he’s imprisoned in North Carolina for life sentence, but we’re now hearing that there may possibly be some negotiations. Maybe, maybe not.”

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle engaged the conversation, saying that there has always been “buzz behind the scenes that there is a negotiation going on, based on the humanitarian concerns. We’ve heard that before.” But then when Bolling tried to get co-host Greg Gutfeld (who was visibly shaking his head throughout Guilfoyle’s response) to weigh in, things got heated.

“This report is B.S. I’m sorry,” Gutfeld said. “When you say a source close to the White House, is it a bartender at the Hawk & Dove? I can’t believe we’re doing this story without actually having just a shred of a source. I know we got it from TheBlaze. TheBlaze is an entertaining site, but come on! Where is this coming from?”

“We cite TheBlaze,” Bolling responded. “We have a letter from eight Republicans.”

“I saw the letter, I read the letter,” Gutfeld shot back. “But the letter said ‘there are reports.’ That’s a passive way. Where are the reports from?”

After making clear his disdain for the Blind Sheikh and saying it would be fun to prank him with a fake release, he scolded Bolling once more: “I’m sorry. You can’t pin this on an administration without an actual source. It’s not fair.”

“For the record,” Bolling defended, “the administration, they have said –”

“They said it was garbage,” Gutfeld interjected. “Utter garbage.”

Bolling then bemoaned that he was “taking heat” from Gutfeld for wanting to talk about something that is “pretty darn important.

“It is important!” Gutfeld responded. “I would like a source, that’s all I’m saying.”

Co-host Dana Perino then piled on, reiterating that the report has been called “utter garbage.”

Bob Beckel also made his thoughts clear, saying that “the idea that this thing would actually happen is so ludicrous and ridiculous that it does not deserve to have a place here to discuss.”

“Wow, wow,” Bolling said. “Do we not get in front of the news cycle sometimes?”

“No,” Beckel responded, “you get in front of the right-wing blogs.”

Watch below, via Fox News:

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