Greg Gutfeld Rips ‘Humorless’ Critics of Trump’s Kim Jong Un Tweet


As The Five reviewed Donald Trump‘s diplomatic trip through Asia, Greg Gutfeld defended the president for flinging personal insults against Kim Jong Un on Twitter.

Gutfeld declared that Trump’s tweet calling the North Korean dictator “short” and “fat” was his favorite part of the tour so far. He went on to bash the “humorless scolds” who have criticized Trump’s tweet, and he used an Animal House analogy to explain “the meltdown on the left”:

“I always talk about the Dean Wormer effect – that’s the head of the college in Animal House – He was humorless and mean. Those are always the Republican, and the liberals are always the people having fun. Trump has flipped this so now that whenever he does something, everybody acts like Dean Wormer. They’re absolutely apoplectic about a very funny tweet that actually lightened the tension. That was a joke that actually probably would make that little fat tyrant laugh. The other thing too about this trip is that it brings up all the cognitive biases of both sides. If you don’t like Trump, then you see everything as proof of his evil disposition. If he appears to be soft on Putin, it’s because, you know, he likes strongmen, because he’s just a jerk. But if you like Trump, you seem as dealing in circumstances.

Gutfeld went on to assess that Trump conducted his meetings with Vladimir Putin and Rodrigo Duterte the way he did because he knows the two are “thugs,” but both leaders could be useful for fighting against ISIS and terrorism.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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