Greg Gutfeld Says Media Making Same Mistake With Ocasio-Cortez They Made With Trump: ‘Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, Until…’

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld today observed some similarities in media reactions to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Donald Trump.

The hosts of The Five talked about Ocasio-Cortez’s recent comments about the threat of climate change and how “a system that allows billionaires to exist when there are parts of Alabama where people are still getting ringworm because they don’t have access to public health is wrong.”

Gutfeld said of her climate change remarks, “She’s capitalizing on a fear, which in this case she was talking about climate change. You could say that Donald Trump did the same thing with immigration. Some say legitimate fear, some say not legitimate. Climate change? Some say legitimate, some say not. But she’s doing the same thing.”

“She is working on exaggeration and tertiary sources, secondary sources,” he said, “but so did Donald Trump.”

Gutfeld also said that Ocasio-Cortez is similar to Trump in “saying memorable things” that are “directionally true,” before offering a media comparison:

“We can mock her for all of this, but we’re guilty of what everybody else did with Trump––on Morning Joe on CNN––which is laugh laugh laugh, until you’ve built her up to a certain stature that you can’t laugh at her anymore.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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