comScore Greg Gutfeld: Shooter Was ‘Essentially Radicalized by the Left-Wing Media’

Greg Gutfeld: Shooter Was ‘Essentially Radicalized by the Left-Wing Media’

While discussing GOP shooting that happened earlier in the day, The Five‘s Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld questioned whether the media played a role.

“I do want to be clear,” Watters began, “that this guy bears full responsibility for this shooting, yet he traffics in an atmosphere that produces vile content and allows people to kinda blur the lines between right and wrong. And the question that needs to be asked is, ‘Are the producers of this fake news, and the hoaxes, and the slanders, rhetoric, are they at all responsible for something like this?'”

Watters agreed with co-host Dana Perino in that this was political terrorism and that added that this was an “attack on democracy and the constitution.”

He noted the shooter’s rhetoric on social media and the report at how “disturbed” he was by the election, but said “Sadly, this is par for the course for a hardcore, anti-Trump Democrat.”

“There’s millions of people’s Facebook pages and social media accounts that look exactly like this guy’s here and that’s scary,” he added.

He concluded, “I think ‘the resistance’ needs to start resisting committing acts of violence.”

Gutfeld chimed in by saying the shooter was “essentially radicalized by the leftwing media.”

“He was troubled, he was a violent, disgusting human being,” Gutfeld elaborated, “but he digested, ingested this information.”

After CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted about his line, Gutfeld had just one word to say:

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.


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