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Greg Gutfeld Says Jim Acosta’s ‘Idiotic Emotional Bias’ Should Be Called The ‘CNN Virus’

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, on his late-night Saturday program, riffed against CNN’s Jim Acosta‘s “idiotic emotional bias” against President Donald Trump, billing it a “CNN virus,” after the CNN White House correspondent questioned why Trump called the coronavirus a “foreign virus.”

Gutfeld began, “Then there’s this clown who says calling it a foreign virus is racist.”

Gutfeld then played a clip of Acosta asking why Trump called Covid-19 a “foreign virus.”

“Why the president would go as far as to describe it as a foreign virus, that is something we’ll also be asking questions about,” Acosta stated in one of the clips. “It’s going to come across to all of Americans as smacking of xenophobia.”

Gutfeld fired back on Acosta: “So I guess Zika, Ebola, and Rocky Mountain Fever are racist too — all named after places of origin.”

“Acosta’s idiotic emotional bias should be called CNN virus, named after its origin.”

“But I don’t have time for this, and frankly neither do you, you’re either a plus or minus,” Gutfeld concluded.

Watch above via, Fox News.

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