Greg Gutfeld To Red Eye Guests: Maybe If We Start Calling Boston Bombers ‘Muslim Supremacists…’

Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld and his panel of guests spent some time early Saturday morning on Fox discussing the media reaction to the Boston Marathon bombing investigation. The roundtable led Gutfeld to an epiphany about how the country can get over its “fear” of being politically incorrect while discussing Islamic terrorist: “start calling them Muslim supremacists.”

Towards the beginning of the segment, Fox contributor Jedediah Bila said it was “amazing” to her that the media “still has trouble” using words like “Islamic fundamentalist” and “Islamic extremism.” She said, “until we’re comfortable talking about these things, until the president is comfortable being direct and talking about these things, we’re not going to get anywhere.”

Coming back to her point later, Gutfeld presented his “theory” of substituting the term “Islamic terrorist” with “Muslim supremacist.” “They’re like white supremacists. We don’t like white supremacists or the KKK or the Aryan Brotherhood. That makes it easier for everybody–it is odd you have to call them racist to hate them more. You should already hate them for being terrorists, but in America, you have to be racist, too.”

Bila didn’t quite agree, saying the media is really only comfortable with the “supremacist” label when it has “white” in front of it. “If you plugged in any other word, if you plugged in African-American supremacist, then that would be a bad thing.”

Later on, Andy Levy came out for his “Halftime Report” to give his take on the issue. Levy said to Bila that even if the media did start talking more about Islamic fundamentalism, that doesn’t mean it’s going to stop. When he mentioned that suspects’ “radical ties,” Gutfeld joked that Levy has some “radical ties” as well, especially that one with the “little clown faces on it.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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