Greg Gutfeld Unleashes Bizarre Rant Blaming Adam Schiff and Impeachment for Pandemic ‘Surprise Attack’ and ‘One of the Biggest Global Disasters in History’


The Five’s Greg Gutfeld unleashed a bizarre, unhinged rant against Rep. Adam Schiff, effectively blaming the Congressman and House impeachment for having distracted President Donald Trump so much that it led to “one of the biggest global disasters in history.”

During the Tuesday episode of the Fox News show, Gutfeld erupted when Schiff’s name was brought up in light of breaking news that Dr. Rick Bright, a government infectious disease scientist, has filed a whistleblower complaint against the Trump administration alleging that he was demoted for failing to fund research into an unproven coronavirus treatment drug touted by the president. The news clearly evoked the White House whistleblower that alerted Schiff to Trump’s infamous phone call with the Ukrainian president, which eventually led to Trump impeachment on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges.

We have to remember four things, the heroism of a country, the surreal nature of the lockdown the sacrifice of an economy that destroys the stereotype of greedy capitalism. And we have to remember those who have no skin in this game who love to play politics and assign blame as a sport,” Gutfeld said as in a preamble to calling out Schiff by name. “They were wasting our time when time was so important, which brings me to Adam Schiff who had to create in his mind a working scenario to believe because the alternative reality, which is true, is too devastating.”

“He might consider for a moment that his ego-driven adventure in impeachment shoved the pandemic back into a closet which led to the surprise attack, which led to thousands of dead,” Gutfeld claimed in a series of absurd assertions, without elaborating on what he meant by “surprise attack.”

In fact, Trump’s impeachment acquittal was on February 5, but as has been well documented, the president repeatedly downplayed or made completely false dismissals about the threat of the coronavirus throughout February and into March, long after impeachment had faded from the national agenda. In addition, Trump’s own narrative of his response to Covid-19 would refute Gutfeld’s premise that the outbreak was shoved “into a closet,” as the president continually cites his China travel ban on January 31, which took place amid the Senate impeachment trial, as the key moment in slowing the virus’ impact in the country.

Nevertheless, Gutfeld went on to strongly suggest that Schiff somehow bears a large responsibility for not only the 70,000 Americans who have died from the coronavirus so far, but the entire planet’s suffering.

“It implicates Schiff in one of the biggest global disasters in history due to his selfishness, and his stupidity,” Gutfeld said, leaving all stones unturned in his unhinged logical thread. “You could argue he led us to this point. That’s why he desires this fun house mirror of reality to keep him from emotionally collapsing into a crying heap.”

“So that’s how I feel about Adam Schiff.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.


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