Gregory Fires Back At Greenwald: He Should Take On Issues ‘Rather Than Going After The Questioner’

“Who needs the government to try to criminalize journalism when you have David Gregory to do it?” Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted after a testy encounter on Meet the Press Sunday morning, in which Gregory asked Greenwald if he might be held criminally liable for helping Edward Snowden release classified documents.

Gregory, who had not taken kindly during the interview to Greenwald’s insinuations that he was attacking a reporter rather than posing a question, responded in a few minutes later on his show.

“You know, part of the tactics of this, and part of the debate, is frankly around journalism. And Glenn Greenwald referenced it when I asked him a question about whether he should or will face charges, which has been raised. And I want to acknowledge there is a debate on Twitter that goes on online about this, even as we’re speaking. And here’s what Greenwald has tweeted after his appearance this morning: “‘Who needs the government to try to criminalize journalism when you have David Gregory to do it?’

“I want to directly take that on. This is the problem from somebody who claims that he’s a journalist, who would object to a journalist raising questions, which is not actually embracing any particular point of view. And that’s part of the tactics of the debate here when, in fact, lawmakers have questioned him. There’s a question about his role in this, The Guardian’s role in all of this. It is actually part of the debate, rather than going after the questioner, he could take on the issues. And he had an opportunity to do that here on Meet the Press. What is journalist, and what is appropriate, is actually part of this debate.”

The panel seemed to agree with Gregory, noting the irony that an anti-surveillance whistleblower fled to a country with notably more restrictive press regulations.

Here’s the original tweet:

Read about the original exchange here, and watch the video, via NBC, below:

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