Greta: Obama ‘Petty’ and ‘Childish’ for Mocking Fox News

Greta Van Susteren, ever the guard dog for Fox News, didn’t see the humor in President Barack Obama mocking her employer during his economy speech in Illinois Thursday.

Obama had joked during his speech that Fox News covers his health care law as if it’s a “fanged threat to freedom.”

“There is a lot of VERY SERIOUS stuff going on in the world,” Van Susteren instantly wrote on her personal blog. “That’s what the President should be talking about. … He should be setting a good example to college students – he should be Presidential, not petty.”

Van Susteren said Obama diminished himself by “picking a fight with Fox News with his wise cracks.”

“That is so childish,” she wrote, before acknowledging that it was at least free publicity for Fox.

Obama, of course, has ribbed his critics at Fox News throughout his entire presidency.

[Photo via Fox News]

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